Theofanis Katsoulis (ESR10)

2015-2016: MSc Sustainable Engineering: Offshore Renewable Energy, Strathclyde University of Glasgow.
2002-2010: Masters in Mechanical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering of National Technical University of Athens

Research activities:
2016: Master Thesis: “Reliability and Criticality Analysis of a generic 3-Blade Horizontal Axis Floating Wind Turbine”.
2010: Master Thesis: “Model Based Control – Nitrogen Oxides Emissions Estimation in Diesel Engine with Pilot Fuel Injection through Measured Cylinder Pressure Trace, using Semi-Empirical Model”.

Project: Novel representations for modelling free-form objects under geometric, volumetric, internal-layout constraints

Supervisor: Panagiotis Kaklis

Institution: U. Strathclyde, UK

Development of a parametric modeller enabling the robust and low-cost generation of smooth freeform 3D objects under constraints that occur in the engineering-design practice, such as: (i) adequate geometric smoothness (G 1 −G 2 ) and fairness (non-oscillatory distribution of curvatures) of the bounding surfaces, (ii) shape-preserving control curves lying on the bounding surfaces (iii) volumetric (moment) constraints, and (iv) internallayout constraints. Parametric modelling will be based on surface T-splines for obtaining at a low-cost, in terms of the required degrees of freedom, representation of the object to be designed.

The project will take place at the Dept of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering, U. Strathclyde.

Secondments are planned at TUW (Vienna, Austria) and at industrial partner HRS (Athens, Greece).